“Throughout this history, the dividing lines of race and class have played a critical role in who has had access to deeper learning experiences...Some scholars have argued that there is a correspondence between the ways in which students are treated in school and the occupational positions they are expected to hold, with upper middle class students learning the managerial skills of how to assess information, weigh options, and make decisions, whereas working class and high-poverty students learn how to follow directions compliantly” (Mehta and Fine, 8-9).

What is this website?

  • This website is your summer professional development

  • This website is self-paced and interactive

  • After engaging in the learning on this site, you have the opportunity to revise and post your first two units of Q1... for a $500 stipend! 


Our Goals:

To develop the shared mindset that deeper learning is antiracist work

To ensure that all APR students consistently participate in deeper learning tasks

Skill 1: grade level tasks and end of unit deeper learning tasks

To demonstrate four key skills our classroom practices

Skill 4: meaningful feedback to push student thinking

Skill  2: appropriate pacing so that students spend the most time on the most rigorous part of the lesson

Skill 3: level and type of questioning to push student thinking

So What do you need to do?

1. Move through the tabs on this website in order ​

2. Engage with the readings/videos and add to the discussions on Padlet - like this one!

3. Develop, revise, and share your first two Q1 units with deeper learning tasks