Engage in learning by doing!

At the end of this website, we invite you to edit two of your units. Why? Here's some answers from ILT

"We're all continuously learning- but sometimes it just feels SO GOOD to be engaging with *at least some* common materials. I want to feel like I'm on the same page with my team and have that common language"

"Next year is going to be challenging and we are going to be having to solve problems on the fly -- the better grounded we are beforehand in strong teaching practices, the better chance that the unpredictability won't throw us and/or hurt our students."

"We are all coming into this work from different places. So it's important that we start the year on the same page about what we care about."

"Summer is the time that we have the brain space to make big jumps forward in our own learning. A small investment of time now will build your muscle and make next year less stressful."


Guiding Principle: We are learning by doing.  Feedback is a critical tool in accelerating and refining our own learning.  Units you develop over the summer will go through a feedback loop with your coach in August.


"You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines... you make progress by implementing ideas"

- Shirley Chisholm

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Draft a revised version of your first two Q1 units

Backwards plan from the end-of-unit Deeper Learning Task

Create student and teacher facing materials, including a mastery response

Calendar objectives to map out arc of learning  

Remember: anticipate and plan "just-in-time" scaffolds

Integrate purposeful use of technology

Need some inspiration? Click the star for the resource gallery from the Kaleidoscope Collective. (Reach out to Priti, Caleb, or Carmen if you need to make an account.)

Submit by August 14th & meet with your coach during Dragon Institute. Completion = $500!

A brief note on kaizen: This learning and drafting process of Q1 units is rooted in kaizen.  We want to embrace the feedback cycle as you lean into the learning through this interactive website and draft your units.  Like we have asked of our students, we want you to engage in the website, engage in the learning, and draft as best you can.  Then be ready for the feedback cycle as we continue to learn together in August.

Tools To Help you

Everyone will need this template to build out their units. Start by making a copy!


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